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Next Hackathon: Thurs, April 30th, 2020 - 2:00 - 3:00 pm (online)

Welcome and thanks for registering! Feel free to explore the lesson videos listed below. And click here to access the Coding Sandbox where you can type in your code and see what happens.


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We'll be doing web programming with a combination of HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (with some bootstrap), and JavaScript/JQuery. Combining these languages will let you create some really cool interactive applications - forms, quizzes, games, web pages, etc.

As we get closer to the hackathon, I will reveal a few level appropriate challenges and you can compete - either individually or as a team - against other young programmerst to create a page or application that fits the criteria.

No Experience Needed - Beginners Welcome - Ages 8+

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Participation Fee: $10 (Waived for 1st 20) - includes access to any lesson video (HTMl 101, etc) and the coding sandbox between now and the hackathon.

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I'm a Beginner, What should I do?

We LOVE Beginners! You can either Register to participate and start with the HTML 101 video tutorial or, if you want to hold off, you can just explore and register when you're ready. You'll be very surprised at how quickly you can "level up" to be able to take on additional challenges by just watching the videos and practicing what you learn in the online "sandbox".
See you soon!

Challenges (Under Construction)

    Lessons to Help You "Level Up"

    These lessons will be available in a "countdown" format to help students get ready for the appropriate competition in the hackathon.

      Self eval, or "What do you know how to do already?"

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